Friday, October 21, 2011


Porch Projects, Le Chien Sauvage, & The Lab for Remixed Knowledge Present:  THE RIFT

The Lab for Remixed Knowledge needs your help.*

On a recent visit to Porch Projects, the Lab discovered a rift in the space-time-meaning continuum. Entering the rift, we encountered a space where nothing was as it should be. Common points of reference were fundamentally altered. Signs dissolved into signal. Things grew wings. Confronted by this proliferation of possibility, we tried to create a map of the rift. But our observations, instead of collapsing the multiple reality-potentials we saw into a single reality, further destabilized the system. Meanings mutated, mated and multiplied. When we came out of the rift, we compared our maps. Each was different. Each provided a different set of coordinates for the psychosemantic phenomena we experienced. And when we re-entered the rift, our maps were no longer accurate, could not guide us deeper, or assure us passage home. We realized we were in over our heads. That one map, or even two, could not provide the path we seek, could not create the sigil that we need to harness the powerful energies that the rift has unleashed. This is a mountain we draw the mountain it is not a mountain. And that is where you come in.

In order to understand the rift, we need a better map. We need a Map of Maps. We need you to enter the rift.

*On Friday, November 4, the Lab will send pairs of volunteers into the rift to help us create this Map of Maps. Please join us by responding to this email, including your name, your partner’s name, and your choice of the following investigation times. Your entry into THE RIFT will thus be reserved.

Investigation times (all are pm): 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:15, 8:30

Porch Projects & The Lab for Remixed Knowledge Present:
November 4, 2011; 6:30-8:30 pm
Email to schedule your RIFT entry.


The Lab for Remixed Knowledge aims to revolutionize the field of knowledge through the art and science of remixing. Through participatory experiences, performance lectures, training sessions, and artifact production, the Lab aims to train individuals to remix knowledge and hack reality. Lab members Adam Good and Gabe Walsh discovered the rift at Porch Projects, and created the experimental framework for mapping it.

Adam is the founder of the Lab, and its Chief Investigator. Born in Greensboro, NC, and currently residing in Pittsboro, NC, Adam received his B.A. in Literature from American University in 2004. Recent work includes swarm_emerge, for the (e)merge art fair; One Hour Photo, at the Biel/Bienne photography festival, and The Lab for Remixed Knowledge at Washington Project for the Arts. His interdisciplinary practice centers on the ways in which meaning is produced through language. His performances & experiences have also appeared at Pulse Miami, the Transmodern Festival, the Umami Festival, the Phillips Collection, and online.

Gabriel Walsh makes movies, music and games. Under the banner of The Earthly Frames, Walsh has created a unique sound and alternate reality story world for his experimental pop performances. His current project, Hoarding 11, continues in this directing combining a short film, card game, fiction creation system as well as many transmedia elements such as faux web sites and road-side billboards. He is the Chief Game Architect for the Lab.


  1. During rift platinum events, players gather together to fight against waves of monsters that appear out of the rift in increasingly difficult stages.

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