Wednesday, August 15, 2012

19 Ways of Looking at a Painting: Exhibition Images

From left, works by: Emily Do, Peter E. Harper, Laura Elkins,  Melissa McCutcheon, Mike Dowley,
and Deborah Carroll Anzinger

Works by Emily Do and Peter E Harper, with a detail of Laura Elkins' work

Works by Deborah Carroll Anzinger and Pat Goslee

Clockwise, from top left, works by: Laura Elkins, Deborah Carroll Anzinger, Emily Do, Melissa McCutcheon, Magnolia Laurie, and Mike Dowley (center)

In foreground, works by Mike Dowley (top left), Julia Brown, Megan Mueller (sculpture),
and Katherine Sable (green and white painting)

From top, and left to right, works by: Christopher Dolan (top four), Thomas Drymon, Brian Kelley (middle three), Emily Do, Julia Brown, and Becca Kallem (sculpture and work propped on floor)

Works by Brian Kelley, Julia Brown, Becca Kallem, Katherine Mann (in window) and Pat Goslee

From left, works by: Pat Goslee, Lisa K. Rosenstein, Tim Campbell (in window), and Joren Lindholm

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